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I've been a deviant since April 11, 2008. It's been six years. SIX YEARS?!! I can barely believe it, to be honest. It doesn't really feet that long. Although I have noticed, sadly, that a lot of people I follow have become more or less silent on dA, whether it is because they have stopped art-ing or because they have simply switched to other sites. I've always been on dA but it's been "on and off", with long stretches of inactivity (I've always checked it at least once a week but sometimes that was only to look at a few deviations and clean up my inbox and then leave). 

I was cleaning up my gallery a few days ago, removing all sorts of stuff from the "Featured" gallery, so this will be easy. Five poems that show my evolution as a writer! (Because the pictures are fun but I don't actually see that as my "art" anymore.)


One of my first poems posted on dA. This is actually from 2006, before I joined dA, back when I found it easier to write in French than in English. Not sure I could actually write something like this now, anymore. I guess I still like this one a lot because it's still one of my best poems in French, since I switched to English not too long after. The theme is a little bit orientalist but whatever, I was traveling in (I think) Vietnam at the time, so. 

This was my favorite poem for a long time. Also, the beginning of a whole slew of poems about war and death and urgh, depressing stuff. I was doing IB and there were war poems in English class and a lot of depressing movies in History class, so...

This was me trying out prosetry and a more informal writing tone, after finding deviant hush-lullaby and absolutely loving her writing to pieces. I kept some of the freer rhythm in my later poetry but I could never stick to the more speech-like tone. I think this is also the period when I started using less capital letters in my poems though I guess that didn't happen in this one. 

So, I guess between 2010 and 2012, I didn't really write that much. Nothing I really like anyway.  In 2010, I finished high school, so I was first busy with exams and then with settling into university. I was adjusting to living on campus, and doing university work. Then, spring of 2012, I went to Seoul for a semester of exchange and got a little bit more free time. Not that much inspiration though...

2013-2014, I've been writing a lot more. Part of it is that I became closer to some friends who are also into writing and that spurred me on. I did a few challenges, played around with forms and prompts. Part of it is also that I had to write a lot of important, long school works and I hate doing that, and writing poetry was the perfect form of procrastination. This last semester, spring 2014, I took a creative writing seminar and my style changed significantly as a result. There may be a teensy bit more of an American influence (although not too much.) I also started being a bit more serious about writing and revising.

Here's a bonus sixth poem, my favorite from this semester.

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Oh how spring is sweet
A field full of strawberries
Little white flowers
a sweet haiku
NaPoWriMo #whoscounting (I'll check in the morning)
Leaves Of Grass - Whitman by Arthisa
Leaves Of Grass - Whitman

I feel    hands                  pass
       up the                     shore
careful, dark,
I hear… I follow… I fade
                                       now! …

Now, where shall I
           catch                  you?
I will not
                   where hunger crosses.

Sweet life laps rose milk:
white liquor is spilled.

I descend west
      yellow and wrinkled
the sleepless icy shroud…

It seems enough.

NaPoWriMo #10
Found poetry, from Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass. This was the workshop prompt (and provided text) at Writers-Workshop though I didn't participate then.

I think it was some time in December
that you left.
You told me once, you’d stopped believing in miracles
when you were eight,
and since then you’d been walking in circles
until – but that’s all in the past.
I don’t usually like to linger on the past,
but it’s December
again, and cold, and wet; and misery circles
overhead. Left
alone for too long, I become maudlin. When I was eight,
I too believed in miracles.
I still believe in miracles,
the little ones: the people who smile as they walk past,
the free seat on the subway at quarter to eight,
the warm days in December.
But sometimes you’re waiting in the cold for a train that’s already left,
sometimes you’re running in circles.
Not that we ever ran in the same circles,
and maybe it really was a miracle
that we even met, like you used to say. I took a wrong left
just as you were walking past,
and we were happy from February to December –
until one day you came home late, way past eight,
to tell me that your train was leaving at eight
the next morning. You talked circles
around the fact that you’d never love me. So if December
is no longer the season of miracles
that it was in the past,
it’s only because of the way you left.
Maybe it’s time that I left,
too, take eight
steps backwards and turn away from the past.
I hate this feeling, as if you were still hiding in the circles
under my eyes. I shouldn’t need any miracles
to get through December.
It is quarter past eight;
only a few hours left in December.
Every crow that circles is a miracle.
A December Sestina
NaPoWriMo #9

Does it count if I mostly wrote it during the winter but never posted it? ...
The cat was so small
the first time we took her home.
Nothing accounts for
the way children fall in love
so quickly and so deeply.
NaPoWriMo #8

I'm so late...... I'll be lucky if I get twenty poems up by the end of the month. Though, even that would be a huge improvement on my usual average, so this whole thing is still a win.

Anyway, this is a tanka for the Week 2 challenge over at NaPoWriMo  
pellucid walking,
in a mellifluous mist 
like a shimmering veil,
through glossy
viridescent hills and vales

the bucolic and tranquil beauty
of unspoiled land
sky-indigo bleeding into fractal clouds

our fledgling breaths
quivering like newborn foals
drifting purple
NaPoWriMo #7

Inspired by "bucolic" and "purple prose" (still in the theme of "dreaming" since I started out the month with that).

This was supposed to be longer...


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