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I've been a deviant since April 11, 2008. It's been six years. SIX YEARS?!! I can barely believe it, to be honest. It doesn't really feet that long. Although I have noticed, sadly, that a lot of people I follow have become more or less silent on dA, whether it is because they have stopped art-ing or because they have simply switched to other sites. I've always been on dA but it's been "on and off", with long stretches of inactivity (I've always checked it at least once a week but sometimes that was only to look at a few deviations and clean up my inbox and then leave). 

I was cleaning up my gallery a few days ago, removing all sorts of stuff from the "Featured" gallery, so this will be easy. Five poems that show my evolution as a writer! (Because the pictures are fun but I don't actually see that as my "art" anymore.)


One of my first poems posted on dA. This is actually from 2006, before I joined dA, back when I found it easier to write in French than in English. Not sure I could actually write something like this now, anymore. I guess I still like this one a lot because it's still one of my best poems in French, since I switched to English not too long after. The theme is a little bit orientalist but whatever, I was traveling in (I think) Vietnam at the time, so. 

This was my favorite poem for a long time. Also, the beginning of a whole slew of poems about war and death and urgh, depressing stuff. I was doing IB and there were war poems in English class and a lot of depressing movies in History class, so...

This was me trying out prosetry and a more informal writing tone, after finding deviant hush-lullaby and absolutely loving her writing to pieces. I kept some of the freer rhythm in my later poetry but I could never stick to the more speech-like tone. I think this is also the period when I started using less capital letters in my poems though I guess that didn't happen in this one. 

So, I guess between 2010 and 2012, I didn't really write that much. Nothing I really like anyway.  In 2010, I finished high school, so I was first busy with exams and then with settling into university. I was adjusting to living on campus, and doing university work. Then, spring of 2012, I went to Seoul for a semester of exchange and got a little bit more free time. Not that much inspiration though...

2013-2014, I've been writing a lot more. Part of it is that I became closer to some friends who are also into writing and that spurred me on. I did a few challenges, played around with forms and prompts. Part of it is also that I had to write a lot of important, long school works and I hate doing that, and writing poetry was the perfect form of procrastination. This last semester, spring 2014, I took a creative writing seminar and my style changed significantly as a result. There may be a teensy bit more of an American influence (although not too much.) I also started being a bit more serious about writing and revising.

Here's a bonus sixth poem, my favorite from this semester.

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I look down the bridge
bent over the edge
at the water so pretty
the water so tame
tranquil and aflame
with the lights of the city
au pont mirabeau
For February Form Fiesta at ProjectDFC : It's a "symbi", standing for symbiotic relationship between a haiku (lines 1, 3 and 5) and western rhymed form poetry.
We threw the captain
there's no one at the helm now –
that was three storms ago.

We've all won a few battles
and lost a few men.
Some of mine went over,
followed the syrens' song
down into the deep.
Others we fished out
from the bottom of a bottle,
five sheets to the wind,
no longer ours.

We all belong to the sea,
our only country 
and our only grave.
It is a rocky boat we've embarked on.
That was three storms ago.
In the empty cabin,
the log is full of the handwriting of ghosts.

We've lost some men
to themselves, to the hope
of an easier life on stable land.
Grounded too long, they lost their minds
and their breaths and their names,
like beached whales
or stranded ships.

There is no stable land,
there is only the sea,
and we are who we are.

Set the cap, captain,
out to the high sea.
take us out to sea
Hi! been a while again. I don't know if anyone is even on here anymore... but happy new year!! ha.
I’ve often wished I could walk away from myself;
some days I could fill a village
with my imperfections,
some days I am trapped down a well.
Some days the bottle-green night
covers me as I stalk the campground like an animal.

But maybe I am an animal
and maybe I am not myself,
maybe there is someone else in my body, at night,
building a village.
I am not well,
I think, holding up my imperfections,

comparing them to yesterdays’ imperfections,
and tomorrow’s. All the animal
instincts that I threw down the well,
devouring me, through myself.
I cannot stay in this village
at night –

not tonight,
not within these walls and their imperfections.
But isn't the world a village,
isn't hope an animal?
I tamed it myself,
and it knows me too well.

I look down into the well –
in the water, blacker than night,
is my face, staring back at myself.
The moon also has my imperfections
on her pockmarked, animal
skin. The village

is empty. I searched it twice over, but the village
has no moon and no men, only a well
where strange animals
come to spend the night.
The world took my imperfections
and left me with myself.

On the grand scale of things, I myself am an imperfection.
An animal has stolen the moon from the village,
the water from the well, and the darkness from the night.
The Village and the Well, a Sestina
Sestina! Credits to my friend Adriana who sent me a sestina she wrote using these same end words, which I totally stole borrowed. 

Please comment and critique! I know this is kinda abstract, but I'd love to hear your impressions, feelings, opinions, etc.!
(Here's my critique for theWrittenRevolution)
1) Do you feel like there is a continuity of tone in the poem? (In particular, did the questions bother you in stanza 4?)
2) Do you think it gets repetitive?
3) What message do you get from the poem, if any? Were there lines you could empathize with?


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